Need a name for pure!! QUick! Post Here! Win 500gp!

Meet up with my main and win 500gp if you come up with a good name for a Str Pure I’m making…I don’t want anything that has ‘pk’ in it or ‘str’ or ‘pure’ in it because then ppl will know…and tele or run when they see my name…also i dont want ‘n00b’ or ‘noob’ in it. Uhhh…something cool pl0x!

Contest ends at 7:00 EST (GMT-5)

do u want an 0 oo name so people cant look you up or a normal name?

How about “Evil_Pure”

No pure in it plz…and i dont care if ppl look me up.

how about…“Evil_Wild”

i dunno could be -.-


how about…orange_blood?lol

heres another1

Evil Wild sounds weird…maybe tho…

Um, my friend got banned for having p00nage or ownage in his name cuz it referred to owning as in slavery…dunno which he had tho…it was either p00nage or ownage or poonage…so no that either.



orange blood! that sounds good…any others?!

EDIT: Name already taken =(

w a s t 3 d?lmfao

yay! evil picked mine! Starts dancing lol
edit:darn it

lol alrady taken^…

orange blood? no… name: ryhmes_with_orange? cus nothing ryhmes with orange

^way too long…lol it wont fit


did u even see mine?
W A S T 3 D is a awsome as hell name

I saw it…taken.

I’ma use Lil_Orange6