Need a New Signiture

I need a new sig whoever makes ikt please show image in ost and your RS name under iot to pay you in K or M

Render? Grunge/Abstract/Modern? Text? Background colours?

yea…if you give detail, i might be interested
if’n yer willin ta pay:devil:

Here You Go dude
It’s a gift from me i hop you like it.

NO credit needed
if you want another one dont hesitate to say lol i dont mind makeing sigs there fun
lol that one i just made in 3 mins =P

cough u didnt do to much there Cough if u want a really good sig pm damaster37 or alias or magekill or ece dawg

Thanks Duudes mr.Comic

tryed a different style that not many peeps can do

you like?

DAMN! thats great!

thanks :smiley:
i sent you a pm too