Need $$ but how?

guys i need about 40000 (40k) and my skills are as the folowing ( the attachment ) if the attach doesn’t work then tell me

r u a member?
if so:
:spin: pick flax sell for 100 ea
or make bow strings by spining the flax sell for 150ea:spin:

if not then :banghead:

ok no =((…

two things u could do.

  1. Make full bronze until ur lvl 30 smithing, then mine 2 coal and 1 iron ore and make steel bars, which sell 400-500 last time i checked

  2. Or u could get 400 cowhides and sell at Al Kharid for 100gp each

Your mining is pretty high so mine coal or iron and sell them for 100gp each.

P.S Dude your ranging lvl is low for a 31…

miners have to be patient and since I have no patience, if you have at least 5k gold to start off with you can runecraft airs

since it will only take you like a day to do so just train your fishing to lvl 40 and fish lobs.

Yep that works 2 :smiley: