Need cast for a p00nage story

Yo ill be needing a cast ok? This story will involve streetracing, guns and hostages. I already have all of this planned, this is gonna be one of my best works ever. Its going to be a little bit alike the chosen driver, and the first to post their character gets a sexy blonde girlfriend, or however u want her to be. [b]also keep in mind that the cheaper u are, the less likely u will become good in the story.


NO mythical stuff like powers and u could say swords but i wouldnt prefer if u say swords since no one uses swords to fight these days. But hey, if u want swords then say u want a sword!

For your character:

Age (no less than 16):
Car you will be driving:
Fave weapon (look up for more details):
Other info (optional):

What? A story? Okay, Age: 16, Car: lambo (purple), Fav weapon: AK-47 (I’m the cheap one with the lamborghini :))

lol wait, r u a girl cos i mentioned the first one to post gets a girlfriend and i dont think we should give u a gf if ur a girl lol. Also if u r a girl, it would runi the whole story because the gf is gonna affect the story alot… wait how YOU be the gf? I was gonna make the gf just some made p guy but if u can be her than that would be cool.

Name: gariochine
Age (no less than 16): 18
Car you will be driving: ferrari
Fave weapon (look up for more details):mp5
Other info (optional):

Age (no less than 16): 21
Car you will be driving: Red Ferrari
Fave weapon (look up for more details): AK-47
Other info (optional): Stealthy, Strong and Smart.

Name: Digit
Age (no less than 16): Sweet 16.
Car you will be driving: Uhhh… hovercar :stuck_out_tongue: or a cool car (I don’t know much about cars)
Fave weapon (look up for more details): A laser (one of those metal cutting ones, with mods) and a stun gun.
Other info (optional): Uses bugs inside other cars in races to give a advantage.


well guys, remember that the cheaper u are (im driving the fastest car in the world) the less you get to be in a good portion of the story. So id think twice…

Also zakskelyntgn, i cant add u to the story since i dont know if ur a boy or girl… if i added u to the story as a boy and u really a a girl then that would mess things up. also vice-versa.

Also to satancha0s: as i promised, u have a sexy blonde girlfriend :D.


As the streetrace (streetrace is a type of racing that is illegal and occurs mostly at night) starts, Arcdemons1 and Gariochine are at the starting line revving up their ferraris. Jay which is the host of the streetraces comes tp them and says “Yo wait up a sec, we might have a third racer tonight”. Then Arcdemons1 says “So that’s what the holdup was…” while Gariochine sighed. Then comes through the crowd is a Toyota Eclipse with alot body kits. Arcdemons1 and gariochine weren’t so worried since they had ferraris and as u thought, its faster than toyota eclipse. The driver of the Eclipse was Digit. He pulls up to the starting line and Arcdemons and Gariochine immediately start critisizing (sp?) Digit. He closes the window and boosts up his base. As 2 girls walk between the 3 cars, they yell in unison “3… 2… 1… GO!”. The three cars accelerate at an incredible speed, Digit was behind but not far behind. Arcdemons1 is in the lead and he puts the metal to the pedal, He was going so fast he was losing control but he slowed down and regained control but this cost him his leading in the race. Gariochine stole the lead and a turn was nearing, all 3 drifted the turn with ease and Digit used one shot of nitrous oxide and the car jolted forwards bringing him hot on Arcdemons1 tail and another turn came near but a sharp one, Arcdemons1 lost control again of the car and swerved off of the road but digit has extremely good control of his car, he was a superb driver but there was a huge comparison between the cars. Arcdemons1 hit a puddle of mud and got stuck in it and surprisingly his car failed on him and turned off. Arcdemons1 was frantically feeling for his keys and turned them, the car was heaving but he wasn’t able to turn it on, He finally turned it on but the puddle of mud wouldn’t let him move, He pressed the pedal to the most it could go but the car just wouldn’t budge… This is where the race would end on the road and continue on the highway. The 2 remaining cars turned onto the highway and Gariochine had alot of space around him so he stepped on it and the car launched and Digit used up another shot of nitrous oxide and his car launched forward as well… A small left turn came and they wen through it. The last turn was passed and from here on it was a straightaway. Digit was right behind Gariochine and Gariochine pressed the turbo button on his dashboard. The car jolted forwards and exceeded the speed of 200MPH, Digit had another surprise however, he used all four remaining shots of nitrous oxide ALL AT ONCE! something that might severely damage the engine but digit had 3 turbinary circulators (whatever that means) in his car so it could handle but he was traveling 140MPH and his car quickly exceeded the speed of 220MPH. He was gaining up on Gariochine fast. The finish line wasn’t that far away. Gariochine was just a little farther than digit but digit was travelling a faster speed. They both passed the finish line and slowed down quickly. As Jay and 4 other people waited for the polaroid picture to make, it was finally made, they looked at the picture and looked at who passed the finish line first. TO BE CONTINUED.

Age (no less than 16):17
Car you will be driving: lamborgini
Fave weapon (look up for more details): AK-47
Other info (optional): a disturbed emo kid, a very short temper once mad theres no stoping me from doing stuff

Car:Aston db9
fave wep:mp-40
other info:Misunderstood,14 year old joy rider with girls all over him.

aww u guys just dont get the message… the better ur car is, the worse ur gonna be in the story… but since no one here followed that rule, ill take that out and let everyone be good. keep the registrations coming! keep in mind that the guns are coming soon!

w00t i hope i win the race.