need economic(money) help

how can i make 1 mil really quick with my stats that doesnt involve fighting? or alot of patience

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there is no way to make 1 mil quickly without patience

Well, the only thing I can think of not requiring a lot of patience is cutting yews and selling them for how much they sell… Either that or magic logs… All you do is just sit there and wait for your character to collect logs, go to other yews or magic trees if the one you’re cutting happens to “be out of logs and needs to respawn”… Also, watch out for those random events… Other than that, once you fill up, bank, go back to the tree(s), rinse and repeat… Good luck… It may not take patience in terms of being able to retrieve a log because you’re eventually gonna get some… It’s just that you need a lot of free time… The last I heard, yews sold for 300 gp at the least and magic logs 1k each… So 1k magic logs will be 1 mil right there… Correct me if the prices have changed… But I hope that helped…

green dragons are nice. i can get 1 - 1.5 mil a day

just buy 1k lobs kill the dragons collect the hides and bones

the hides go 1 - 1.5k each

the bones go for 3k each

so killing one dragon can give you 4.5k

Holy shizzledizzle! Gotta watch out for pkers since green dragons are in wilde.