need help decideing something

alright well im in my web design class and we are making a web site for a computer fair and i can make $500 if i win(fat chance the one kid in here is like pro, but still) i need help decideing on a topic, it has to be information based…someone already took the tsunami and i cant think of nething else…it can literally be anything as long as im provideing information about something(i said rs already but my idea was shot down)

how about the benifits of web designing and the jobs you can do. lol :lol:

What about sports?
I don’t know :lol:


(alow zeratul back he is sorry :cry: )

How about the History of Rock and Roll? Or the Roman Empire?

instead of roman empire- greek or roman gods… or info about christianity… or quitting pot help!

sport is good idea

alright i figured out a way to work a few things into one…i chose roman empire and im gonna put stuff about the roman and greek gods into it so thx for the tips lol wow people actualy read my posts

I dont know if you have covered this yet but make sure to include iframes in your page, it gives it a much better look.

u should make it about love, like ur other post, (it seems to em that ur good that love) lol, and make sure its colorfull =)

alright so i got colorful and frames…about the frames i dunno if i can do em cause i have to use go live and i know i can do them in front page but can i do em in go live? and i might change my topic so keep the ideas comin if you got nemore and it really makes me feel good to see that people recognize and or remember my posts and topics

i think the roman and greek gods idea is best, pm me with the website when its done i will visit it for sure, lol i love that kinda stuff!