need help finding keldagrim

i cant find the alternate way into keldagrim

I think to get to the city you have to go northeast of the Mountain Camp. I’m not too sure, RuneHQ might have a map to the city.

Listen, if you follow this map, go into the cave at where the arrow ends, then immeadiatly enter another cave between 2 dwarven statues.


No way to make it clearer

Just go north of the slayer dungeon, not into the wilderness, though. Go north until you find a cave. Inside the cave there should be ogres, DO NOT GO PAST THE OGRES. Examine the dwarven statues on the side of the rope (entrance) to cave. It should say something about a hidden door. Push (I think) on the wall inbetween the statues. Switch to high detail if you would like to enjoy the cut scene to Keldagrim more, and then talk to the guy with the ferry. Alternatively, go to the dwarven passage (must have completed fishing contest quest) and by the dugout with a bunch of drunk dwarves should be a mine cart. Talk to the man operating the cart to pay 100 “glitering coins” in order to go to Keldagrim. This way is faster but I believe you have to have gone to Keldagrim in advance.

(Whew, when you ask me for advice, you get it lol)

You have to go in through city first, or else you can’t ride carts.