Need help on dragon slayer

Need help with dragon slayer quest any ideas for last part?Armor,food,that stuff?

Iced made a sticky about dragon slayer help… check there plenty of people are willing to help :slight_smile:

its pretty simple get the best u can…and try to kill the thing

A load of swordies or lobsters would be your best chance, And maybe a rune weapon,sheild,legs and maybe even rune chain.Then just… well go get him tiger.

If you can kill a lesser, let alone a greater, without too many problems, then the dragon shouldn’t pose as that big of a threat… Like Lady Love said, load up on lobbies and swordies or any high healing food and the best armor and weapon you can get your hands on… Good luck and happy dragon slaying…

It’s gonna be hard since i’m only lvl 59 and have these:addy platebody rune med helm rune longsword steel plate legs addy kite for armor and lobbies for food.And plus i deduct the shield for dragonfire and lose 8 hp each time.Well i’ll try.

i did wen lvl 45 tip strenth potion lobbies and normal armor,

No problem at lvl 59… I was lvl 48 when I completed it. (tried first time at lvl 46, died, tried again and finished.)
I wore rune legs, full helm, addy pl8, dragonfire shield, rune scimmy, and strength ammy. I had one strength potion, and the rest of my invintory was full of lobsters. I’d recommend the hit and run technique… hit the dragon once or twice, then run behind something where she can’t hit you. Wait there for a bit until she turns again, then hit and run again. It’s the best technique I could figure out to use. Oh, and in case you didn’t know, DO NOT use magic or prayer, as (supposedly) those skills make the dragon stronger, and hit harder.
Good luck :slight_smile:

if u can kill a lesser easy u can kill elgard (Little tip kill it more than half way then run behind the wall, let som1 else come along and kill it 4 u and i counds as urs) :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Thanks guys.Now it’ll probably be much easier!!

dude just lvl up on a little ranging 8) :mrgreen: :wink:

dude if u need ne more quest help ask zq29 or mithwiz in rs

I looked up your stats and you have 61 strength. Just bring a strength potion and some lobbies and Elvarg is toast.