Need help! Please help! Look!

I want to know how you make a picture so when you right click it you can’t save it so no one will steal my image. Please help. Thanks.

You cant do that.

Even if you can’t right click, people can just look at the page source and find the pic.

I though you could keep it save proof lol oh well =(

There are programs that you can get (Buy) that will protect any file in a folder on a server… But i think you have to have your own server (Which could cost you a lot)… That would work, its kinda like those websites that dont let you hotlink an image.

It’s possible. I don’t know how they do it though.

it isnt possible…

If it isnt possible then explain how sites like tripod (I think) and other random sites dont allow hotlinking. Its possible but probably not worth it for something small.