need help wit money

how do i make tons of money so i can get like 5M? :confused: :frown:

skills will not helpyou here, get a good bank roll, like 400k

then merchant your arse off

take keysers classes or get a job at 22_immortal

and where is this so called class?

at seach typ in the class


your wecome there are lots of nice people on rsr(i se you are new here)

yea…ok i just checked out the keyser class and i cant pay that much i only got 22k right now and i was hacked. wat should i do now?

try and get a job at 22_immortal (she is really good)seach then typ in 22’s work and employment page

Yes, that would make you quite a bit of money.

well, or you can buy theguide in the advertisement, you can start to get money without any cash almost, it tells you to go to karamja, buy lobbies,and sell them higher, personaly i do that, but i don’t buy the lobbies, i fish and cook them

work for some1 til u get around 500k-1mil
then merchant

u can work for me get me iron ores for 80 gp each add shakor if u accsept

or sell yews