need help with magic

i am 49 magic i am member and i need to get up my magic t o55 pliz help or donate rune to bring up

doubt ppl are gonna donate…u really just gotta buy or make runes and use em. thats all i can say to help u. or buy laws and tele to camelot.

ya, no one is gonna donate but u should do either crumble undead or camelot tele…

lucky, u can tele to camelot, im only 43 mage =’(
but like they both said ppl arent gonna donate runes, id either make them or buy, unless u have a rich friend thats willing to give u runes or money to buy them

Nobodies going to donate but you can rune raft ya know…

blue drags until 55 mage

You all sadden me with your mage and rc lvls! lol Try to start making runes or make money to buy them!