need help with quest

for shield of arrav, a am in black arm gang already but a cant find shield!!!plz tell me where it is…i went upstairs already and looked in chests…

I believe it’s in the cupboard along the wall. The cupboard has yellow around the edges i believe. Not sure, but I think that’s where it is :slight_smile:

yes its in the cubords :stuck_out_tongue:

true it is in the cuboard

wat about the the aother half

For the other half you need a friend in the other gang to get it for you.

yes u need a friend in other clan that has other half

Jeremy, you are beginning to piss me off. I am giving you a warning this time. I have verbally warned you 2 times not to repeat what other people have said. So don’t give me any of that you didn’t see it garbage because you would of had to be blind or not be able to read. I also believe that is something you said to someone else.

one of u trade the shield half and put it together. then talk to the museum curator and u get 2 certificates give one to ur partner than talk to King ronald. Then u get money and quest complete!

thx every one, ice, since the question is answered, lock it