need help

well…i need to make 20m into 60m, any ideas?

are you member

By 3 or maybe even 4 santas and wait a few months… Or maybe you could buy a p hat, if I am correct you can buy the cheapest of them.

buy santas… christmas is coming they will rise like crazy in a week or so probably

full verac stake with prayer against like rangers with no movement? i dunno it is a possibility, or you could box stake

if you box stake only stake ppl around your lvl (dont go 5 or more lvls higher) and check their stats on high scores before staking, then you could stake 250k or more each time

dont buy satnas…they will drop.
i say investment
(buy mass ammount of a good item and sell for more)
like buy 3 dharok sets make a 4M+ profit if ur realy luckey

i found that yew logs are always good merchanting… buy yew logs 300gp ea and sell for 320gp ea
(if you do this in mass amounts you can make some pretty good profits)

Yea dont buy santa’s Masks didnt rise at all at halloween.

psst, shadow christmas isnt for another month lol
you mean halloween

Yea srry thats what I meant.

:S ok i wont buy “santas masks” lol

zerger, can you post your stats? and the best armour (3 sets like 1 for maging, 1 for melee, and 1 for ranging) you have to use?

hes like 102.

aww i dont wanna post my stats lol, im lvl 101 combat, that good enough ?

Just keep merchanting. Thats what i do. I made 4m in a few days from it, so if you just keep at merchanting eventually you will become good at it like scythe. Thats what i think you should do.

i would say buy chaos or death chaos 125 each or lower and death 250 each and sell 150 each and 300 each works fine for me but only in high numbers

i would say… high alch 2604 yew longs and if u already have all them thats 2 mil =/

or buy 26k yews longs and nats and merchant them all or alch for 20 mil ( if u have al them )