Need help...

Well, I’m in a relationship with a girl who I’ve liked for a long time. Well, she’s gone out with a lot of my friends and one of them thinks shes hot and wants to ask her out. I talked to her on the phone yesterday and she said that she wouldn’t want to go out with my friend. I don’t know what to think. All my friends want me to go out with her. Anyone tell me what to do with the guy who still likes her? I said i was going to punch him :wink:
EDIT:This pisses me off:
I will beat him up for sure…


Kill him and make it look like an accident!

Pfft, I’m gonna blame bush if I get in trouble… (Or possibly you ;))


if shes hot, lots of ppl are going to like her, u going to punch them all?
i just say screw him, if he dosent do anything, just forget about him. if he trys something, pound his face in

Well, she dumped them all to go out with me. She’s hot I guess. No one really likes her though.


well sounds like u dont have muhc to worry about anyone else but this guy
if he starts hanging around her to much for your likeing, tell him to back off a bit, if he proceeds, show him to back off

Some handy advise, Look her in the eyes and slowly move in for a kiss. Try and make it last for 20-30 seconds, and if you’ve done it right, she’ll come back for more!

Thanks, and Yawgmoth, thanks for the advice.


Ok are u a lesbian or something. You told me in game that your a girl so im like wtf. Whats the truth?

:tongue: Yea, I’m a guy IRL. My sister changed me into a girl in-game. I AM A GUY
So any advice?


If she dumped them all to go out with you? What do you have to worry about? Going out and punding everyone who ever looks at her funny’s face in will just turn her away.

ok lol then u should get d legs lol. And just go for it!

I’m just focusing on killing the guy who is hitting on her…


Well if she’s blew him off to be with you, it doesn’t really matter. You should just wait and see before you start beating the crap out of him. If she’s as hot as you say she is, she’s probably going to have lots of guys hitting on her.

Well I find her very attractive.


is that literall:eek:

well…i say either…

[li]get chuck norris to kill him
[/li][li]get saddam to nuke him
[/li][li]beat um up
[/li][li]show him mj

i think that’s helpfull



and b y juding flips strength…he could puch everyone that thought the girl was hot…even if chuck norris thought so:D

first of all, you dont have to have a girlfriend. if you like her and want her to be your gf for the right reasons, then ask her out. theres nothing wrong with not having a gf. if you ask her out, then if the guy you have been talking about ways to kill in this entire thread is indeed your friend, then try to talk to him about it and say you dont like what hes doing. if he still doesnt listen, then go ahead and threaten him and say back the fu*k off.