Need Immediate Help!

Bleh… AVG wouldn’t delete these viruses, can anyone help me get rid of them? Picture below.

EDIT: better link

Just navigate to them and delete? Try it in safe mode.

if you could read mandarin then you could download software cause chinese softwares are good

^ That was useful.

Hmm, that looks like Kuja from FFIX, but I digress.

I noticed it says embedded in your description, the most probable reason why it wont be deleted is because those infected files are embedded into your Windows Registy, if healing wont help it, then you have to find a way to replace those infected files with clean ones VIA Windows XP disc.

The easiest , but most hated solution would be to back up all necessary data and reformat to install a fresh batch of windows XP.

You could download the new Spybot Search and Destroy with SD-resident which prevents registry changes unless told to, and Zone Alarm to prevent any unecessary files from being executed. Mind you, you should download and install these when you reinstall windows.

EDIT: This is another problem with AVG, it has no feature to block future viruses of that nature, it always gives you the same window and you have to always heal or delete over and over. As well as browser highjack prevention not being present.

Clear your java cache, and your temporary internet files. From what I see it looks like that’s where all the files are. Try that, and rescan to see if it removed them.

DL Hijackthis it lets you delete things protected by windows.