Need Info of Enchanted Jewellry

I know only the enchanted jewellry of amulets but i dont the prices there worth so could anybody hook me up with info with enchanted stuff

To enchant a staff you must first complete scorpian catcher quest then you will need to craft a mystic staff, further more pay the wizard 40k at the top of wizards tower next to ranger guild.

and u have to be a meber to do so

Guys,he’s talking of the prices of amulets :evil:

Take a look here

Thanks Killakot a lot and y’all

and i was wondering if people know the stat upgrades and/or what they do for the rings and necklaces and how much the enchanted necklaces cost

Amulet of magic- 500
Amulet of defence- 1k
Amulet of strength- 3k
Amulet of power- 9k to 11k
Amulet of glory- 110K to 120k
sickmate 8)

thanks sick mate but the way you posted it was exactly the same as in the ariticle

so anyone know anything about other enchanted jewellry

lol i couldnt be bothered typing it out myself
magic ammy put attack and defence of magic by 10
str puts a bonus of 10
soz, dont know the others
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i know all the stat boosts for amulet

power gives 6 to all
and glory gives 10 to attack and 6 to defence

i now know all the enchanted rings and what they do

but now just need to know what the enchanted necklaces are called, cost, and what they do