Need opinion Please.

Hello, I made a new affiliate thingy. This is my first animated thing ever,

I think I need the font with like the black outline and white text…Anyone know what it is?? What do you think about this? Btw, if you cant read the text it says funroomsite (name of my site).

An easier to read text, but otherwise it looks pretty good for your first. Maybe also some kind of effect on the background to vary the colour?
Have a look at other affiliate buttons to get some ideas.
sickmate 8)

You got any text in mind? And thanks for the ideas.

Maybe a kind of futuristic or modern-styled text?
sickmate 8)

Ok, whats the text that is in your little bar sig? I want that on it…

i cant c it y not?

Fix up the text, that’s all.

oh know i read it i c it just thought it was part of that site soz but yer fix up text if possible

I want the small white text outlines in black like on all the bar sigs…Anyone know what it is?