need ppl 4 kalphite qween!! gonna need at least 15 ppl!!!

gonna need sum1 2 bring loads of sharks!!! so every1 has good food! want lvl 65+!!!

u want lvl 65+ but ur lvl 64…

Im lvl 72… but… im not member :frowning:

im not lvl 64 im lvl 66

well ur ur stats saays ur 64

I would reccomend you be level 85+ to attempt that dude. It’s dangerous.

im in, i like a little adventure now and then :twisted: my prayr is 91 right now!!! my overall is uummm, oh ya 68!!!

swiftstrike what’s ur rs name?

ya seriously if you got 15 people level 65 they would all be owned by kaphite and you need protect from mage otherwise u might as well just commit suicide…


omg dude, your gonna get slain if you dont have no high lvlers with you,i recommend getting a few high lvlers and you should stay in the middle of them becuase kalphite queens minions are high lvl too. i thought i was all tuff and i went and died lol.

U shudnt waste sharks on the kalphite queen. U can buy karambwan raw for 100 gp each in two bwannai after the two bwanai trio quest, and I think they heal 21 which is cheaper and more efficient. Just cook for a long time or they poison u. My cooking is 65 so I have no fear. Bring me karambwan and I can make you some kp poison or high healing fish. Pro Mage owns kalphite queen and 5 lvl 70+ and a couple lessers could own the girl. she isnt very good at ranging.

im a lev 92, mabe i can come,

I could possibly get on my friends acct, hes lvl 114. I know him in real life thats the only reason im allowed on it.

would we get payed???

Yeah, if she dropped dragon chain who would get to keep it? lol, i dont really care i just want to go fight her on my friends acct, he has sweet stuff.

ya, do we get a share of money from the queen? sence we r riskin out lives for u :cry: :cry:

yeah if i did, my friend woud really kill me, he would be so mad, it wouldnt be funny, so maybe he will go on his name instead and i will go on mine and die lol.

r u there???

lol, i have reason to believe that we are just talking to each other.