Need Raw Lobs!

I wanna get 80 cook just for the fun of it :cheerful:

So i need 7700 raw lobs!

Ill pay 200-225 ea depending on amount :wink:

I have 700 and i will sell for 250ea.

Ill only pay 250 ea if u get 1k

ill get u lobs just talk to me on the game rsn codness1 im usualy on i got like 61 fishing and 60 cooking so it shouldnt take that long and im a member so i got good spots to fish

i can get you 1k right now just msg me on soccerkyle that is the name i use for fishing he is in the guild right now and fishing

i can get u 1k raw lobs
and my m8 might if i ask him
just post on my site then i wil remember

I have 1.4k Lobs if you want to buy.

If they raw ill buy right now 250 ea add pkzaber

You know me already. I need money :hyper: I’ll fish over 2k :wink:

ill sell u 1k raw lobs for 250 ea. just mas me at steve9100