Need Sig(Freestyle)

I need a sig, but there r like 2 requirements It has to have my name on it. Other than that go wild, I will accept pretty much everything, so this is a chance to see what u can do. U can h vae a render, or not, doesnt matter. Font, doesnt matter. Color, I dotn care. Pretty much any thnig. Style, doesnt matter. OK, well


  1. My name on it
  2. matching avvy
  3. free cuz i dont play rs much anymore
  4. Have fun and go crazy with it.


hehe, no one is gonna do it for free besides me… unless there are other nice people out there. ill have it done in a half hour or less.

ok thx, and yes i no im prob not gonna get anything great, but o well. I hope urs turns out good.

Why wouldn’t other people do it for free? I’d do it for free… Hm. I’ll just wait and see if Cam likes Godzxxx’s first, before wasting my time :razz:

lol, ok malibu, thx guys for doin this free. And even if i do like gods who knows, mayb ill like urs more. I’m pretty open to all kinds of styles and colors and stuff so pretty much any1 can win whether ur using photoshop or paint.

u like grunge?

sure, I like anything really.

like it? its good for 10 min. lol. the render came out bad cause saving it as a gif messes it up. i have to gif it to make the backing transparent.

i like it, but if u read the requirements it says matching avvy, so if u could plz d othatt that i would be grateful, thx.

Your sig is already matching your avvy…

its got an eagle in it… im not doing another 1 unless im payed

Lol. Cam just said that they doesn’t play rs. Oh and I made Cam’s current sig really fast. :smiley:

whatever, if no1 else enters ill just keep marias awesome sig that she made me.

Mariazipet is a girl 0.0?!?!?! I never knew that!

Yes I am. I don’t see how its obvious. Since when is Maria a man’s name?

Yes, since when is it a man’s name. Heck, it’s not even your name :laughing:

Lol. I know but my real name is like 1,000 years old so…