Needing help with Monkey Madness

Im doing monkey madness at the moment and im stuck on the sliding puzzle where you have to fix the puzzle so it looks like a glider. Anyway its really hard and I have 2 options

1.Do the puzzle which will take ages
2.Pay 200k (I dont have 200k :()

What should I do!

puzzle you will get used to it ive done it 3 times… after you get the hang of stuff like that it is easy… i did it for my friend myself on two accounts i can in around 15 minutes know :slight_smile: id say not waste the money

but how wil i get the hang of it its is really hard?

ive spent bout 1 hr doing the puzzle so i just spent 200k meh and im up to going to zooknock.

0oo well i think it is really easy 0.0:shocked:

oops soz for double posting im up to getting the items for teh monkey amulet.