Needs help takeing a screen shot

Every time i take a screen shot and go to imageshack or it just takes like 2mins to load then it re sets in the filename space i got this massege from after it took for ever to download and then never did * like it dose on imageshack* it said *not on image shack it didnt say it there only on upload
Sorry, only JPG, GIF or PNG files here. Please use your back button *
i use enter net explorer and use paint can anyone help

sry for double post but can anyone help…

If it’s a full screen pic it will take awhile, just be patient

Try cropping the images and take out all the things that are unneccessary.

make sure that the file isn’t .bmp, as paint usually saves in that by default. It said .jpg, .gif, or .png only. Also, make sure to resize it to a smaller size so that it doesn’t take forever to upload.