neeed emergency help!!!!

i got stuck in the lost and foud department and ive been operating appendages and still no effect… i have been there for about 8 minutes and still cant get out… It still has no good effect and its eating out all my hp slowly… im out of hp now and im afraid to die cos im carrying my brand new full saradomin… help? please its urgent. is it possible to die in there?

=\ you pick the odd one out.

that doesn’t help, im still in there, im afraid to die, im letting my hp grow little by little then trying but they still have no good effect…

ok what i do is i find the one with the “green” color on it and click that one every time it has worked for me! i hope this helps

all of them have green colors, there are 4, and all of them are up except for 1, u have to pull that one up and thats what im doing but thats not working!

YAY!!! FREEDOM!!! IM OUT!!! kisses grass //()()T!!!

there should be a brighter 1 or you can always log out and back in that might work (never tryed that before tho) i have always gotten it 1st or 2nd try so yeah try logging out and back in if you cant seem to get it this time… oh btw how much hp do you have?

ok i guess my advice my or may not have worked lol sorry i couldnt be more help … im glad your finally out!!! sorry for the double post

lol, i tried ur advice, before u told me, i logged out and back in, i tried all of them but i just picked one and im out!

ok cool at least i tried to help lol congrats on getting out again!

The thing takes away your HP? Wow never knew that, I always get out first time :slight_smile:

If you want to get out again without being so close to dieing, pull the appendage thats lower or higher than the rest of them, I don’t know because It’s been about 2 months since i last got it ^.^

Sit there and wait till your hp is high enough then pick the odd one.