Neew runes???

What are the new runes too???

look on or the RuneCrafting advancements page…

oh yeah ive noticed they’ve changed i think they look cooler now

No not the change of looks…they have new runes that came out…lava, mist, mud, dust.

But what are they for???

Go on and read the runecrafting page in the manual.

they’re combination runes…lava runes let u use fire and earth runes at the same time…mud runes let u use water and earth…and so on

yea lava runes is like lava staff i think the concept of makin em was dum i mean they are going to be worth so much sorta like those new tiaras in the begining then the price is goign to get cheap either ethat or no ones goign to buy any

The concept is great, what are you talking about? The fact that you save inventory space by having a rune that does two jobs would be amazingly convinient.

how do u “fuse” the runes together

Eh, it seems to be a runecrafting skill, probably going to a special NPC.

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wow, is it for members only? If it is, I will yell.

Yep, it’s for members only.