Neobird43's Fish Stall

I have just opened up a fish stall with the finest fish for sale. Since I have just opened up shop I will be only selling three kinds of fish. If you would like me to sell more just drop me a pm or a post on this thread. Here are the prices for the fish

Lobsters = 200gp ea.
Swordfish = 350gp ea.
Tuna = 100gp ea.

If you think these prices are too high or too low and know a website that has them for a different price then tell me and show me the website so I can change it.

I’ll take 1 k raw lobs please :slight_smile:

The fish are cooked and I don’t have 1k lobsters.

Ooh ok nm then :slight_smile:

I’ll take 1k cooked lobs, rsn is jarjarfied.

Since I just started I only have a few hundred of each kind of fish. Hopefully I’ll have some more either my next week or next month.

What’s ur rsn? If I finish training my pure I’d like to get enough lobs to hold me over until you get the whole 1k.

Ok. My rsn is neobird43. We can meet anywhere perferably Falador. Also, I am now hiring fishers. They need to be a high enough level to be able to fish tuna, lobsters, and swordfish. For each raw fish I will pay the following.

Lobster = 150gp ea.
Swordfish = 300gp ea.
Tuna = 50gp ea.

dude i want my addy battleax back lol

ill buy 200 cooked lobbies for 200each msg dark raideri ingame