I always want a guide to the price of certain things
but there is never one available, hopefully, after putting
in all that I know at this moment in time there will be a
general format set out ready for people to add what they
know, however prices change a lot over a short period of time .

NOTE: Please check the Needed Categories: at the
bottom of the post to find out what i still need




Bronze Prices
Bronze dagger- 0 to 5
Bronze axe- 0 to 5
Bronze mace- 0 to 5
Bronze sword- 0 to 20
Bronze scimitar- 0 to 25
Bronze longsword- 0 to 30
Bronze warhammer- 0 to 10
Bronze battleaxe- 0 to 40
Bronze 2 hand sword- 0 to 50

Iron Prices
Iron dagger- 20 to 30
Iron axe- 30 to 40
Iron mace- 30 to 40
Iron sword- 60 to 80
Iron scimitar- 70 to 100
Iron longsword- 100 to 120
Iron warhammer- 50 to 60
Iron battleaxe- 140 to 160
Iron 2 hand sword- 300 to 350

Steel Prices
Steel dagger- 100 to 120
Steel axe- 150 to 200
Steel mace- 150 to 200
Steel sword- 250 to 300
Steel scimitar- 300 to 400
Steel longsword- 400 to 500
Steel warhammer- 200 to 300
Steel battleaxe- 500 to 650
Steel 2 hand sword- 700 to 850

Black Prices
Black dagger- 300gp
Black mace- 2k to 5k
Black scimmy- 5k
Black battle- 4k to 5k
Balck long- 1k
Black short- 800gp
Black 2H- 3k to 4k

Mith Prices
Mithril dagger- 200 to 320
Mithril axe- 500 to 600
Mithril mace- 500 to 600
Mithril sword- 700 to 800
Mithril scimitar- 900 to 1000
Mithril longsword- 1200 to 1300
Mithril warhammer- ?
Mithril battle axe- 1500 to 1700
Mithril 2 hand sword- 2000 to 3000

Addy Prices
Adamant dagger- 600 to 750
Adamant axe- 1400 to 2000
Adamant mace- 1000 to 1300
Adamant sword- 1700 to 1900
Adamant scimitar- 4500 to 6000
Adamant longsword- 3000 to 4000
Adamant battleaxe- 4000 to 5000
Adamant 2 hand sword- 6000 to 7500

Rune Prices -
Rune dagger- 10k
Rune short sword- 15k
Rune long sword- 20k
Rune scimitar- 30k-45k
Rune 2 handed- 40k-50k
Rune Battleaxe- 40k-50k
Rune mace- 10k-15k
Rune warhammer- 30k-40k

Dragon Prices -
Dagger - 30k
Dagger § - 30k-45k
Long Sword - 90k-120k
Battleaxe - 150k-200k
Halberd - 260k-320k
Spear - 850k-1100k
Spear § - 900k-1200k
Mace - 30k-50k


Full = (kite, legs, plate, and helmet)

Bronze Prices
Full bronze armour- 0 to 100

Iron Prices
Full iron armour- 500 to 1000

Steel Prices
Full steel armour- 4000 to 5000

Black Prices
Black full helm- 2k
Black med helm-1k
Black square-1.7k
Black kite- 3-4k
Black legs- 2-2.5k
Black plate- 4-5k
Full Black 9k to 11k

Mith Prices
Full Mith - 9k to 12k

Addy Prices
Full Addy - 30k to 35k

Rune Prices
Rune Full Helm- 30k to 35k
Rune Platebody- 65k to 70k
Rune Legs- 50k to 60k
Rune Kite- 50k to 60k
Full Rune - 200k± 20k

Dragon Prices
Square - 7 mil-8.2 mil
Left half - 5.5 mil-7.5 mil
Right half - 750k
Med - 2.1 mil-2.5 mil
Chain - 24M-28M (varies)
Legs - 8 mill (currently unstable)
Full Dragon- 42M ± the change in dragon legs.



Black helm(t)- 20k to 30k
Black kiteshield(t)- 40k to 50k
Black platebody(t)- 40k to 60k
Black platelegs(t)- 30k to 50k
Full black(t)- 150k to 200k

Black helm(g)- 40k to 50k
Black kiteshield(g)- 70k to 80k
Black platebody(g)- 100k
Black platelegs(g)- 70k
Full black(g)- 320k to 400k

Adamant helm(t)- 30k to 50k
Adamant kiteshield(t)- 50k to 60k
Adamant platebody(t)- 80k to 100k
Adamant platelegs(t)- 50k to 60k
Full Adamant(t)- 250k to 400k

Adamant helm(g)- 50k to 60k
Adamant kiteshield(g)- 70k to 80k
Adamant platebody(g)- 100k to 120k
Adamant platelegs(g)- 70k to 80k
Full Adamant(g)- 350k to 450k

Saradomin helm- 800k to 1 Million
Saradomin kiteshield- 1 million to 1.3Million
Saradomin platebody- 1.4 million to 1.7Million
Saradomin platelegs- 1 Million to 1.3 million

Guthix large helm- 500k to 600k
Guthix kiteshield- 750k
Guthix platebody- 900k to 1 million
Guthix platelegs- 650k to 750k

Zamorak helm- 600k to 1million
Zamorak kiteshield- 900k to 1million
Zamorak platebody- 1.3 million to 1.5million
Zamorak Platelegs- 900k to 1million

Rune full helm(t)- 300k to 350k
Rune kiteshield(t)- 400k to 450k
Rune platebody(t)- 500k to 550k
Rune platelegs(t)- 400k to 450k

Rune full helm(g)- 350k to 400k
Rune kiteshield(g)- 450k to 550k
Rune platebody(g)- 600k to 700k
Rune platelegs(g)- 450k to 550k



Amulet of magic- 500
Amulet of defence- 1k
Amulet of strength- 3k
Amulet of power- 9k to 11k
Amulet of glory- 110K to 120k

Ring of recoil- 300 to 500
Ring of dueling- 1k to 2k (because people want them for runecrafting)
Ring of life- 3k to 5k
Ring of wealth- 100k + or - 10k[

Games Necklace- anyone know? i would imagine around 300-500



Bronze- 0 to 1
Iron- 0 to 50
Steel- 150 to 250
Mithril- 1k to 1.2k
Adamant- 2.5k to 3k
Rune- 25k to 30k


Clay - 3gp
Tin - 3gp to 5gp
Copper - 5gp
Iron - 50gp to 100gp
Silver - 150gp
Coal - 100gp to 175gp
Gold - 150gp to 200gp
Mith - 300gp to 400gp
Addy - 800gp to 1.1k
Rune - 10k



Also see ORES
Bronze- 20 to 35
Iron- 100 to 120
Steel- 500 to 600
Mithril- 900 to 1100
Adamantite- 3000 to 3300
Rune- 13000 to 15000
Silver- 150gp to 300gp
Gold- 300gp



Lobste r pot- 5gp
Harpoon- 5gp
Big fishing net- 20gp
Small fishing net- 2gp
Fly fishing rod- 5gp
Fishing rod- 5gp

shrimp- 3ish
sardines- 3ish
anchovies- 5
trout- 8
pike- 13
tuna- 30
lobster- 150-200
swordfish- 300-400
shark- 900-1000



Raw Fish
shrimp- 3ish
sardines- 3ish
anchovies- 5
trout- 8
pike- 13
tuna- 30
lobster- 100 +
swordfish- 300-400
shark- 900-1000
Cake- 0-10
Chockolate cake- 10-100
Plain Pizza-
Meat Pizza-
Anchovie Pizza-
Pineapple Pizza-
Stew- 200 to 500
Curry- 500
Bread- 0 to 20




Air- 10-15
Fire- 5-12
Water- 5-10
Earth- 5-10
Mind- 5-12
Cosmic- 200
Nature- 300-400
Chaos- 100-150
Death- 200
Blood- 300+
Soul- 2k



Logs- 5 to 10
Oak Logs- 15-20
Willow Logs- 30 to 50
Maple Logs- 100
Yew Logs- 300 +or- 50gp
Magic Logs- 1000 to 1100

Flax- 10gp+
Bow Strings- 50-120 mostly 100gp




Bronze- 0 to 1
Iron- 0 to 50
Steel- 100 to 150
Mithril- 400 to 550
Adamant- 1.5k to 2.5k
Rune- 18k to 21k



Bones- 10gp+
Big Bones- 200gp+
Dragon Bones- 2k-3k

Holy Symbol- 500gp to 1k
Unholy Symbol- 200gp to 400gp
Unstrung- 60gp to 200gp



Bronze arrows 5 gp ea
Iron Arrows 20 gp ea
Steel Arrows 35 - 50 gp ea
Mith Arrows 45 - 70 gp ea
Adamant Arrows 100 - 150 gp ea
Rune Arrows 400 - 500 gp ea

Short bow- 0 to 20gp
Long bow- 0-20gp
Oak Short bow- 0 to 50gp
Oak Long bow- 0 to 50gp
Willow Short bow- 50 to 100gp
Willow Long bow- 50 to 100gp
Maple Short bow- 150gp
Maple Long bow- 150 to 200gp
Yew Short bow- 300 to 400gp
Yew Long bow- 400gp
Magic Short bow- 1k to 5k
Magic Long bow- 1.1k to 5k



Guam- 500 to 600
Marentill- 600 to 700
Tarromin- 500 to 1000
Harralander- 1000 to 1500
Ranarr Weed- 3000 to 4000
Irit Leaf- 2500 to 3500
Avantoe- 2500 to 3500
Kwuarm- 3000 to 5000
Cadantine- 5000 to 5500?
Lantadyme- 6000 to 7000
Dwarf Weed- 7000 to 8000
Torstol- 10000? last 4 uncertain

Random - 1 to 1.5k ea
Rannar+ - 2k to 3k ea

Vial- 1 to 10gp
Water Filled Vial- 10 to 50gp?

Secondary Ingredients:
Eyes of Newt - depends more on buyer
Unicorn Horns - 750-1k ea
Limpwurt Roots - 1k ea (shocker)
Red Spider’s Eggs - 600 ea
White Berries - 1k ea
Snape Grass - 500-600 ea
Ground Blue dragon scale - ???
Wine of Zamarok - 1k ea
Jangerberries - ???

!Quick tip for buying herbs! Ever wonder
how to know what un-id herbs you are getting for 1k
each?..just take out one of each herb you will accept
in trade and fill the rest of your inventory, then you
will only be able to take the ones that you already
have :stuck_out_tongue:



Silver bar- 200 to 300
Gold Bar- 300 to 500?
Saphire- 200 to 500
Emerald- 1000
Ruby- 3000
Diamond- 5000 to 10000
Drag Stone- 90k to 100k



Rune Essence- 20 to 50 (mainly around the 20gp mark but people can push towards 40 or 50)



Shade Robe- 15k to 30k
Zammy Robes- 2k to 5k


Other Prices/Merchant Items - as at this date]

Purple phat 7500k to 8000k
Yellow phat 8400k
Green phat 9900k
Red phat 10.7M
White phat 14.1
Blue phat 21M+

all red prices may be out of date.

Note About Partyhats - The chances
are that by the time you read this guide, the prices to
partyhats will have changed, I cannot keep up with
them all the time so dont go by this as a guide to buy
a partyhat. The only way you can do that is to stand
in the market place for a while and find out for yourself.

Robin Hood 2.8 - 3.2M
Drag Med 2.2 - 2.4M
Ranger boots 650k-750k
Santa Hat normally 400k, around christmas i have seen 750k+
Christmas Cracker 30M
Full mage 400k to 500k
Cannon 600k
Wizard boots 150k - 200k
pirate hat 300k to 400k
Brown Cav- 200k to 300k (although a tan cav is better)
Tan Cav- 200k to 300kBlack Cav 750k to 900k
Easter Egg- 400k (as low as 200k in bulk, as high as 1mill for desperate people)
Blue Beret- 50k to 100k
White/Black Beret- 80k to 150k
Green Halloween Mask- 600k
Blue Halloween Mask- 750k
Red Halloween Mask- 900k
Full sara 4500k +
Full zammy 3600k +
Full guth 3000k -
Full rune (g) 1600k-2200k
Full rune (t) 1300k-1800k
Eye patch 1gp - 10gp


Worthless Items

Spinach Roll


Needed Categories: post to contribute information or updates.

HERBLORE (mainly the higher herbs/ingrediants)

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