New 1million posts thread?

If its alright with mods, id like to start a new 1 mil posts thread. the last one one closed for various reasons(i think, although it was closed). i want an OK by a mod b4 any1 starts blabbing away—

It was closed because it was messing up the system for some reason, so there won’t be another one.

Yea if u try to start another im guessin itll just be locked ASAP.

well im still trying-- i wanted another one bcause i thot it would b cool. BTW, i still want a mod to OK it 1st

Good luck on getting a mod to OK this lol :P… Sorry to be harsh, but I don’t think they’ll do something like it again


na its alright i just wasnt sure but im agreeing wit u on that 1, and no mods have even checked it out yet…hmmm

yea i loved the 1mil posts thread…but it was causing too much confusion.

Yea chaosnoob, and also way too much spamming. As jtg said, quality, not quantity, is the key to good posts.


AAAHHH!!! What happened to the rule about shortened sigs?? GRR :frowning:

yea way…too much spamming on the 1mil posts thread. it was crazy
also keyser what do u mean about the shortened sigs?

wat u talking about i got 1 of these sigs from sum1 and i was their old 1…

There is a rule… Oh yeah drkhero your signature is WAY too big lol… Nothing wrong with that, I think, but the mods made a new rule. You could get in trouble… So make it smaller! :stuck_out_tongue:


I was simply trying to tell drk hero to shorten his sig–in a creative way…

ohh yea drkhero dont wanna getcha banned do u?

Don’t think he would :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, it might have been a bad idea to start this over again consideringthe other one was locked for various reasons!

P.S.A lthough, I have one question for you?!Why do you have MutationCM’s old sig?!?!

Hmm… Yeah why do you have it?! It’s cool… But serves no purpose to you, really.


drkhero, for the last time: Make your signature smaller!

…and no. There will not be another one million post thread… all that you are asking for is spam.