New Anti trout wars pic *animated*

Here it is


i gotta say its pretty lame but its funny so 8/10

I suggest that you make the animation slower so we can ALL get the message :wink:

umm could you plz tell me what you mean by trout wars and maybe i will support you. But if you send a stupid flame messege about me not knowing about it lol then i will not.

trout war is a link where you try to get people to visit that site without meaning to.
Anyway, i give the pic a 9/10 only because i hate troutwar soooooooooo much. (It’s just a waste of time.)

I suggest you make animation slower and make it smaller it is way too big.

yeah i hate trout wars too!!!

i added it to my sig

the thing about trout wars is in the link is says troutwar in it so i dont click on it :smiley:
If only that link was never brought here…

i dont liek trout wars either but ur sig is sooo big!!! can u make it smaller… like the ones i have… coz tht is soo big and it looks lame…

Yeah, making it slower will help get the message across… Also, it kinda looks weird when the cleaver just stops at the top of the trout when it’s head is cut off… It kinda puts more of a chopping wood effect rather than slicing off the head of a trout… Try making the cleaver go all the way through the trout like you had in the previous version of this… I’m not trying to sound rude or demanding… I’m just trying to give you advice on how to make it look better in terms of presenting it to the forums and still getting the message across with ease… Other than that, I guess it isn’t too bad… Good job and keep up the good work as I expect to see that sig become really funny while also presenting the anti-trout war message… Again, I’m not trying to sound rude or demanding as this is your sig and your project… Not mine…