new armour

check out this new armour…

That is really good, but it would’ve been better if you put all your pics in one post.

I thought about that when i was on my last one…oh well

did you fake that?
if not awsome if so


Wow, that’s very good. 10/10 :smiley:

wow 9/10

Wow thats really good 100/100

1000/1000 Best i seen dude awesome

Wow! Nice one! I think we have a new me here!
This guy is definitely better than me.

WOW! Thats amazing!! (Jolio, you got your account stolen, again?!)

Yeah I can’t get onto it.
The pass has been changed.

This is getting ridiculous. It’s happened twice now.

75/100 . a bit bland but otherwise cool

really nice armour 10000000000/10000000000

that looks like gondorian armor from lotr a well deserved awesome 10/10

Exactly I modled them, well thats where i got the idea

yea, i figured that is what you did lol

that’s cool…i give it a 99.9999999999999/100 lol :lol:

whoa…pretty cool!!! 10000000000/10000000000 8O :smiley: :smiley: :slight_smile: 8O :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Wow. 10/10 :twisted:

nice looks kind LIKE A DIABLO PIC