new avatar

how dose it look?

its my clans avatar

It looks cool

i think ur new avvy looks cool… i like the background…

Yah… now you need a new sig to go with that

I thought you were in agnlefire… :?

whats that clan?

i dont know, all it says is DI

nice, hopw my sig will be underneath you name.

Nice, hope my sig will be underneath your posts…

it6 actully says DL

DL= Demonic Legendz

I apologize for the double post earlier. It says DI.

DI: Damage Inc.

di = damage inc

damage inc is the best clan in rs


o, well i guess its pretty cool

hmm wat r the requirements 100+ combat or higher? :wink:

105 combat + 90 hp

Lol, it’s okay I guess - 72%. btw, you spelt “does” wrong (yes, this is coming from the person who spelt “haven’t” wrong 3 times). 8)

~ ewok

when i first saw the topic i thought u hit higher then 40, and ur avvy was showing that u got like 45 or soemthing(cause ur old avvy showed that u got a 40 hit) … :slight_smile:
but nice i really like the background