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It’s the very first time I tried making anything of this style, EVER. I didn’t use any tutorials, so don’t ask me where I learned how to do this. I just made it up in Photoshop. Believe me only if you feel the need to. Constructive Criticism is appreciated.

(Btw, it’s only transparent in Firefox.)

I changed the colors! Woosh. :smiley:

That is sick, Brad! I realy like it man. Pretty good for no tutorial at all :smiley:


Thanks Nick, I like it too :dopey:

I noticed you changed the color. I liked it better red.


It owns in firefox and IE.


nice, i give it a 10/10

I changed it from red to gold because I wanted it to match my shiny crown :tongue:… But I could always change it back, again.

Thanks for the ratings… :smiley:

Stop gloating :mad:

Anyway I rate 9/10 (just because I have IE not FF)

Downlaod FF at and you will see it own.


My parents aren’t the happiest when it comes to downloading things without permission

Either are mine but i still download an average of 2 pk movies a day and about 3 brush sets and renders a day.


I’m not gloating, I’m just saying I wanted it to match. What’s the matter with that?

Sheesh, lighten up, and enjoy life… :yes:

It ain’t all about tha drama :melodrama.

Anyways… My parents used to look at every single webpage I either viewed or downloaded… But after a while I never did anything innapropiate, or stupid, so therefore they like, stopped… Yup. :smiley:

Thanks for the link, just downloaded it, and it is awesome!


I think you forgot this one: :censored:


Ehm… What?

OMG I’m kidding

I’m sorry I blammed you for gloating, it was wrong.


Lol I didn’t know you were kidding… Or being serious -.-

I’m a little out of it today; I did trip over my own feet twice :jester:, but enough of that… :smiley:

Nice work dude, 10/10
sickmate 8)

Don’t feel bad, alot of people don’t understand me :smiley:

cough klutz cough

I have my “off” days too :yes:

Sick rating, mate!

[No-pun-intended. :D]

Yeah fr0t, I can relate… And I guess you can too! :laughing: Ohh good times… Yup :yes: