New-best- Clan!- **people From Heck**

Welcome If you would like to join goto this website.

It has forums.

requirements are fair and we are one of the best ranking clans.

peachy60- lvl 75

wow ur clan sorda sucks Join the mori! good try tho

im glad you like it ASSHOLE post on ur own thread you ****ing douche bag!

This is a joke right? Do you seriously expect people to join that? “Top ranking”? I’ve never heard of them!

maybe because your a noob? haven’t been playing since it came out?
This clan was started by like the first year of runescape and it was #1 for like 18 months untill higher clans came along.

                        I was the leader of this clan untill my lvl 100+ character had got banned permanently, and I quit for about a year, or 2 since i was soo pissed off, but now im back and trying to recreate it.

     No matter how bad the site is, i didn't make it and old friend did, and i admit he sucks ass at it, but i couldn't do no better.

uhhhh… u swear tooo much maybe, u should lay off the cursing. but its only a thought