New castle wars armour

What do you think, personally I think it’s great, but it costs way to many tickets

How many tickets does such armor cost?

There ae two new ones for full armour one costs 300 tickets the other costs 3000 phew

Some one please Show Us A Picture of The New Armor…

I haven’t seen it and I really want to :!: :!:

:lol: Ty

ye black green one that cost 600 for kite 600 legs 400 helm 800 chest looks amzing. i got full blue white one but looks poor.

i think maybe they should lower it a little bit…

yea i voted ,i dont liek to waste that much time in cw…

I think it looks wierd. Just looks like a modified piece of addy armor to me. But the Silver and White one looks great. And it actually seems possible to get! :smiley:

you know htey have nicknames for the 2 new armors
The Blue and white one: Silver armor
The Black and pee yello one: Gold armor

And i like the SIlvwer armor Looks awesome