Welcome In Order To Be In This Clan You Have To Be 2 Of The Requirements Below:

[ul]Lvl 40 Cooking
Lvl 32 ATK
Lvl 21 Str.
Lvl 30 Def.
Lvl 40 Fishing
Have 25 Q.P.[/ul]
:!: Warning If I Check Up Your Signatures On A Site And It Is Not At Least Two Of The Following Requirements You Will Be Killed In The Wilderness By Me And My Friends! :!:

I assure you that even though this is a new clan Noobs will not be tolerated!

Alliances Are Acceptable

uhhhh, if this is a new clan you have to have a couple of noobs…otherwise your not gonna get any 1… :roll:

:twisted: u want an allience? :twisted:

have no fear, have no mercy

lol he said he will kill whoever doesnt meet them requirements, i dont care who you are, thats funny right there.

ill join. i hav strength of 27 and 28 q points

be careful, he kills ppl lol

whats the clan gona be called?

if u want me ill join i have all i have more than the skills required

beware of your clan leader… he wants no noobs, and you better be sure uhave the reqs…or he will use the awsome power of his level 34 character to kill you… :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:


I am here wondering about an alliance i am 603092, me and purepriest0 are leaders of the Mage clan Rune Bashers.

i guess ur gonna have to kill me. i don’t meet the requirements. o-well. looks like 3 noobs are gonna come after me. oh hang on. i have more than triple than what u require o-well…

Lol, yeah you are going to have to kill me. :lol:
But I’ll ask my friend for alliance with your clan. :wink:

changed my mind. im not joining.

lvl 34 ? he is a noob

the pillars of runescape request an alliance. if you accept we will gladly help you.