New Clan, Outcasts

Come Join the Outcasts of Runescape.
The requirments aren’t huge, only:
50+ combat and 40+ mining or smithing or woodcutting or cooking or runecrafting or fletching


for pures 18+ combat.

First repliers will get high status in clan.
will make clan forum when enough members.

ok i would like to join on both of my accounts yenngyo combat lvl 52 mining, 49 smithing, 50 fishing, 50cooking, 41 woodcutting and Y3nnGy0 is a lvl 24 pure. i would like to cook food for the clan on yenngyo

If you want to join an organized, friendly, and wise clan with weekly events and PKing trips, look no further.

Link to Register.(please register with your Runescape Username please.)


  • 50+ Combat
  • 45+ Combat with 50+ Mage
  • 45+ Combat with 50+ Range

Clan Cape:
P2P- Any Wilderness Cape BLUE
F2P- Blue

Celestial Knights offers a variety of events that has something for everyone whether F2P or P2P. Although you are not required, but expected to make every event.
Some of our events include:

-PKing trips
-Bronze, Iron, Steel wars
-Fire Fests
-Mining and Fishing events
-Skill Training
-Combat Competitions with prizes for winners
-Drop Parties
-Dragon Hunts
-Clan Get togethers

So again, if you are looking for an active clan with many events, and very helpful at that look no further.