New Clan!

I am starting a new clan(duh)but the problem is we dont have a name if anyone has any ideas for names please just make a suggestion the current members are
-net for 19 00-warrior
currently cash88 is the lead warrior,mage,chef,herbalor,WCer,and fletcher
skisuper is the lead archer, crafter,miner,and smither
beabers is the lead fire starter
catty43 is the lead fisher
net for 19 00 was just hacked and had to get a new file and so all of his stats are very low
to become a member u have to surpass the lvl of the past leader
we have clan 2 PKing trips a week and 2 drop partys 1 members drop party 1 non-members and 1 members tournament at the al-ahard duel arena a week and every 2 or 3 weeks we go kill stuff like fire giants metal dragons kbd and the kq but we will probebly start with monks of zammorak near fally then go on trips in edgeville dungeon taverly dungeon and roughe fort also every tuesday we play castlewars after we pick a side(guthix zammorak or saradomin)
people with a dragon or crystal item or full rune or an abyssal whip granite maul or full mystic will be a commander
also you may post on here if you want to offer an allience