New Dance Moves!!

Tired Of Seeing This?


And This?

If you all are tired of seeing this then I suppose that you are with me with the “Make New Dance Moves” Side! Like, For Example, It could be cool if we could do the robot or somthing like that!

Plz Post Your Thoughts.
Horray for edumacation!


Didn’t we just get some new dance moves? I still agree with you. Some of these new dance moves look really lame. The jig is about the dumbest dance i’ve ever seen.

Those Are Dance Moves!!! :confused: Ahh Well Still…What Are Dance Parties For If You Don’t Have A Dance That No One Else Could Do.


Lol breakdancing…

Lol, Breakdancing Clothes! O.o!! Lol

the grind…?


Ya i agree… they are pretty lame… lol for some reason i can just see RS pepole do a disco dance. NOT. But ya they really kinda need better dances.

the dance moves suck but how often do you dance?

Well, Like I Dance…Like…Practally every day…on rs…Yea…

all the new dance moves are boring… exept headbang, ROCK ON!!!

They should make a head spin in RS. Or make a move that is unique to everyone so only you can do it.

yea we should get more dances. the robot would be really kool