New emotion!!!!!! Shake that ass!

there should be an emotion where it showsyou jiggilein your but? :butthead:

what ya think? :stuck_out_tongue:

GROSS, get a life!

I just lost even more respect for you.

Dont say GROSSS lol it was a suggestion its not a joke! they make ya do it at school for pe warmup! :confused:

Then you’re in one hell of a twisted school.

Then again, our perverted pe teacher has peep-holes in most of the cubicle walls :tongue:

i must go all the way to america then and go 2 ur school lol :smiley:

Yeah… america… yeah…


oh yes england i must steal my DADS CAR and go to ur school! Lmao! :smiley:

ROFL, i never had respect for this 10 year old…he spams up the suggestions forums with random junk and is perverted.

He says things and he ends up being the only one laughing like with his post above mine^

11 years old. :slight_smile:

that makes a difference -.-

Well… humm… nevermind… can you just please don’t make stupid suggestions…?

that would be retarded … stop posting stupid suggestions

It’s a online game with animated characters!!! Thats just sick :eek:

lol i think it funny and kool i wouldnt mind it lol i serious i would like emot like dat

Guys, hes special needs, don’t pick on the retarted -.-

^^I agree…

dont pick on a guy who wants to masturbate with a rune full guy shaking his ass…

Can I perv on your ass then? XD

lol well still i like the idea its really kool

yo i dont like the idea and what type of school do you go to and in what country and if you realy have to do that in pe tell your parents and get the pedo out of your school.