New Food? Dropped By Mossies

Moss Giants Dropped :

Spinach Roll…

This ISNT a fake. :?

Edit: Sorry I didn’t mean to sayit was new. I was more questioning I’ve never seen or heard of it.

Spinach rolls are not new they have been around for a while now. They are just a semi-rare drop from the mossies.

Fair enough. My title implies a question.
I’m such a newb :lol:

Confessing is the first step. claps

Lol nah, there been on for years :lol:

Spinach rolls are in rsc, so they are nowhere near new.

spinach rolls only heal 2 health they stink.

I think spinach rolls were just put in the game to annoy people lol because they only heal 2 health like you said.

those spinach rolls r stupid. its been there for a long time

spinach rolls are really old, they arent new

u get em off mysterious old men too i have 2 in my bank :-p

i have not seen those for a while… :slight_smile: