New halo sig

Do you like it? PLEASE GIVE C/C! I need it to get better at making sigs. and
*/10 would be nice too.

im sorry but its not great to many white shiny things and black spots and red spots u did bad brushing sry text isnt bad u should downnload the CS2 trial
so u can do better text =) border is plain render doesnt blend at all 4.999999/10

sry but doesnt look good. the render and bg are unrelated, and the bg has to much white and black. text is a little blurry, random, and hard to read on right

I actually kind of like it. The text does not look good, though, that is the only thingI would change.

I like it i would give it a 7/10

It dosnt really look right for some reason but 5/10 also in my opion halo sucks