New health bars

Them green and red bars a realy boring i think we should have new 1,s what do u think plz answer the poll if u like

Yeah look under Jolio’s section unders screenshots… He made up a new design for new healthbars lol they’re cool

He did must look i will lol yoda

Yeh Jolio made some new ones.

Next time you try Yoda speak, use commas, you must.

Yea the health bars need re-doing they are very dull…
Jolios are nice a bright and fun!

,I look a joilo,s bars i did,

This should help you a lot

Should be helpful but just to say i know my grammer but i forget to use it.

Fair enough, this should help you.

Lol! That was a good one andy. I think we need better health bars too.

Thx andy ill add ya to my buddy list

we like jolios idea it make things more olden day!

ya say as jinzo good idears

new health bars would be a great idea! its boring at the moment

Can someone please make a link to Jolio’s health bars? I’m feeling lazy… lol.

lol… your ideas pwn, but are nothing compared to… well, never mine, my ideas suck

Well, I dont think the ones currently are old becuase I’ve only played rs for 2 months but yeah it would be nicer to have a different more new type of health bar