New holiday items

They should have a really cool ring to morph,like they had on Easter 06.For Christmas they should have rings to turn you into Santa or an Elf.And for Haloween a Ghost or the “Grim Reaper”.They should also do something for St.Patricks Day,like a 4 Leaf Clover to hit people with that does lots of damage.Or maybe a new sword that is green but not Admanmt( SP? ).It should be better than Admanmt ( SP? ), Rune, and Dragon,but untradable.

a holiday item will never hit harder than bronze…

you take things a bit too far.

yeah holiday items are just that HOLIDAY there not supposed to be really good there just meant to be used and worn on holidays

hmmm i would like a St. Patrics day holiday item, but not a weapon. More like a leprachaun hat or something like that.

srry but wasnt the rubber chicken from last year, i forgot

rubber chicken is already deadly enough weapon no need for more :smiley:

The Leprechaun hat things sounds cool

yeah like the hat idea lmao!