new item

rate my the new rarearest item 1 toi 10

y dosent it work???

I removed the [img] and putted it into the URL, and saw it… LOL!! that was funny. but a bit… well…

lol that is wierd, and also kinda funny. But it just doesnt look right lol.
oh well nice try6/10

hahahahaha thats a really rare item but wat is it?

thats a weird pic…
anyway 6/10

wow thats funny good imagination

6.5/10, That’s pretty funny and pretty good for your first attempt.

lol the idea is funny but the pic looks kinda bad… 7/10

are you a goth or somthing?

lol i had a very good laugh on that so 8/10 nice job

on you on something? ITS a mr potato head dummie

rate my the new rarearest item 1 toi 10
like this i think

That’s alright although the size isn’t right. 6/10

I cant see it :?