New kalphite trip, please organise 1!

Can we hav another kalphite trip. Possibly at 4pm eastern on a weekend. People could bring cannons and stuff, it would be really cool.

The kalphite destroys cannons

ummm and dont think about a trip to the KBD it well ummmm MELTS your cannon sorta its like splishandbubbleandploop

sure ill go on the Kalphite trip…just get everything organised and more ppl and were off!

Lol the 1 that blink organised every1 took cannons and they got destroyed

im thinkin of the 1 ages ago, no1 had a cannon, anyways, if it destroys ur cannon, u can get another for free from the cannon seller

yea…we should have one…however, people should realize that the kalphite queen is extremely dificult and people under 50 prayer and 70 combat will not survive

well only if they are warriors

ok i got 81 combat and 72 str 67 hp 65 attk and 64 def 50 mage think i could come witrhout gettin killed i new to members

with enough ppl we can take on the Kalphite…we need about 40+ppl though

as long as ur prayer is past 43 and u bring some prayer restore pots, also it helps that you have a life ring just in case ; )

O and Icpfreak. i just went down there, im lvl 83 and got owned it 3 hits…

um…that’s what protection prayers are for…btw, a good yet cheap way is to go in full black dragonhide and a dragon hally, that way, it can’t melee you and all you need to do is equip a mage short to fight it’s second form, plus it offers good mage def : )

Other things that dont work against the KQ-
Iban blast
Dragon Scimmy special attack

I have never bin to it b4(f2p) but as soon as i become a meber im ganna fight it by my self!..ok maby ill just…nvm…anyway if u guys do go get some 1 to take a video of it…ll pay 5k to the person that shows me a vid of the queen getting killd…

P.S. The vid has to be u killing it (a group is ok…but it has to be ur vid) and u have to kill both of its forms…thanx lol…:jester:

ill come. how we all poison it and then go and wait for it to die lol

lol were gonna need A LOT more ppl to come…

i love going down there i die in like 2 hits so yea count me in ill be down there yea iam a member chaosnoob

yea ill go too, what time and world? but were all gonna get owned in like a matter of seconds.

i think it should be at like 5 in eastern time but i want it to be in world like 6 so mabey will get lucky and some 100s will be down there :slight_smile: