New look, finally =P

Drag chain:21.5M
d legs:2.6M
XD had to pay more, wasnt in the mood of waiting
Btw if ur wondering, its a Rune(h) kite

kick ass man!

Rich nub…

EDIT: I’m 9 combat levels behind you with 30 more total levels :eek:

man, I wanted to be the one who had the white pee hat first, then I could be totally hawt… but bryan ownzt me again :wink:

ummmm… wow. that looks sweeeeeeet!

oh ya i wish i could wear pee on my head lol! nice man your so good goku

noob, omg,

Looks awesome. I’m gonna steal it next time i see you lol.

You look so fearsome and manly in that. Rawr.

~ ewok

nice outfit how much did the phat cost you

omg rich nub :smiley:

Wuv u too XD

I hate j00 rich nub. Why you wearing my White Party Hat…

You Hax…

cool white party hat much of cost you around 120mil

Get 80 range newb!!!?!!!oene1!!

Ooo, I spy why you’re good at staking now :P. You know you want to tell me what rules you use ;p.

shit, as soon as i can afford white phat u get full dragon, but i will get that outfit with fire cape first XD

wow bryan, that’s pretty hot lol

nice white p hat! how much did u pay for it?

Get a dragon square, noob. :tongue:.