New Look! Rate Pl0x!

i just finished mage arena w00t!

and heres my look now:

zammy cape of course

i hav no idea wat those clothes r soo… il rate 9/10, caus i probly wouldnt post it here unless its good. lolz.

It’s good Snorlax, it’s very good.

You own Polish, try and get a glory or summat, then you can own even more ^^ go wildy and splatter them noobs with flames of zammy

oh k. im only new to members. wat is it called?

hey santa, I’m santa to but I’m evil santa…black/red mystic

get black/red mystic and you look ownage

Lol, that used to be my look, but instead of santa hat i had the silly zammy hooded cloak thing from castle wars cos i was poor then :slight_smile:

8/10 my full frog ownz it so bad… plus its cheaper :wink:

Wear a glory and zammy book to enhance ur look =P

nice santa lol…

im pure :slight_smile: