New member rate my bank and stats

Hey I’m new to RSR just thought you might wannna look at my stats and bank

My Stats:

My Bank:

Rate pls 1/10

Oh yea and just click the thumbnails to view a larger pic

Pretty nice bank. I’ll give it a 9/10.

wow thats some cash u got there :smiley: nice stats to :smiley:

9/10 sweet

Your stats are good. I have the same total level at combat 87 though.
No worries its still very good.
As well as a small bank but its the money thats just outta’ the park.
I’d give ya a 9/10

nice bank dude 9/10 =D

Nice stats and bank. 8/10 stats, 7/10 bank.

Fr33 500k pl%. Nice bank.

With that cash get some Barrows armour… Nice Bank and Stats… 8.5/10

87 Combat powns… (I’m 87 Combat as well)

now free stuff please?

8.5/10 pretty good

very nice and welcome to gamerzrealm…it has changed names…rsr to gamerzrealm…recently…

rating 8.5/10
very nice but always room for improvment :stuck_out_tongue: