New monsters, plz...

I know in one other topic i said id stop complaining. But non-members need stronger monsters to fight. I meen the greaters are ok… but i would like somehting that would give more exp. Even just one mroe monster( not in wild plz…) and id be happy.

go beat up on mutliple Elvargs… they are level 113 ;). Hope you don’t die…

There’s no such thing as multiple Elvargs.

There’s no such thing as multiple Elvargs.[/quote]

i think he means the dragon slayer dragon u can beat it up once unless u die rofl

ya to bad elvarg dosent drop anything being able to fight green draygons would be awsome even if they were in wildy

Elvarg is level 83(or 86, i forgot.) Not level 113.

Please don’t say that F2P deserves more things. If you want more, be a member. End of discussion