New monsters?

I have 2 suggestions for new monsters…

These monster would be for freeplayers…

Idea 1. Rangers. These would be level 15 and drop ranging equipment such as crossbows and steel arrows.

Idea 2. Snowmen, on Ice mountain. They would be level 20 and drop runes, coins and uncut gems.

Do you think these monsters should be introduced?

No, too low of level for such good drops. There is already a barbarian around level 15 that is a range. Snowmen are not realistic enough.

I think it’s a nice idea, Snowmens would be cool if they attack you by shooting snowballs lol.

i think that they would be cool(even cold!) but you should either up their levels or make them not drop such good items.

thats a good idea;)

No, but you would convince me if you put the strength,slash techinques etc.

snowmen i wouldnt even think about it…and rangers…i think they should lvl 30+s

it’s a very safe and content suggestion. a very common seeming suggestion with not very much creativity. i still vote yes although it would be taking up more room in the game with no major reason.