new pks (=

the first screenshot was a miner in guthix plate and legs with no skull, i only got 20 addy ores from him, and i got mith ores from the last screenie

nice kills


Nice kills but no pic of the drop… also are you a teletubby or were the tele runes in the pile?

no lol i always get them in the pile, and i said what i got, plus i was in level 40 wild how can i be a tele tubbie?i chased the firdt guy down, and i just got 2 more kills which i will psot later

ummm didnt you have full rune in the second pc and then u had the d hide in the third pic?? whered the rune go?

it went into my inventory lol i switched to range to kill it

Nice kills :slight_smile:

thanks man…

nice pj’s you p2p pj?

niice kills dude